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Massage therapist and health-related lifeguard. Job description.

As a masseur and healthcare lifeguard, you are likely to work out individual therapies for your individuals around the basis of a doctor’s prescription.

This consists of a number of forms of massage, but also baths, packs and inhalations. Organizationally, your field of activity incorporates maintaining your very own patient or consumer files and billing the services using the wellness insurance companies. As element of one’s instruction, you’ll use massages for prevention and relief or execute Kneipp therapies. You might also get to understand distinctive types of electro-, thermal and radiation therapy application.

narrative literature review Here you’ll be able to find out the profession of masseur and healthcare lifeguard.

By far the most crucial information and facts.

Career prospects.

Massage therapists and health-related lifeguards operate in rehabilitation clinics, hospitals and well being centers. Wellness hotels, massage practices, baths and saunas also employ masseurs and are a development region with superior profession possibilities.

After your apprenticeship, you may continue your education in your field of perform, e.g. Understand about lymphatic drainage or acupuncture massage or attend additional instruction to come to be a physiotherapist. Or you’ll be able to setup your personal massage practice or work in private households and at agencies as an outpatient freelance masseur.

Admission needs.

Do you enjoy coping with people, are you wholesome and may empathize with other individuals? Then a job as a masseur and health-related lifeguard will be the ideal point for you!

The fundamental requirements for starting the instruction are:

Secondary school leaving certificate or equivalent schooling, or completed at the very least one year of skilled coaching.

You’ll be able to find out much more precise entry requirements within the interview.

Training structure.

You can complete your theoretical and practical lessons in class. Classes either take place 1 to 5 occasions a week in parallel using the practical education or are grouped into a single or several week teaching blocks. The lesson blocks may perhaps alternate with your practical instruction. You may total your practical instruction at the same time as your recognition internship inside a hospital, a rehab center or a massage practice.

Your coaching lasts two. 5 years and is divided into a two-year college training (two, 230 hours and 800 hours of specialist coaching) as well as a six-month internship soon after successfully passing the final examination. Your internship will take spot in different institutions and in numerous fields (classic massage therapy, reflex zone therapy,… ) and can be organized for you personally by the college.

The average teaching time is 35-40 hours per week.

Learning fields.

In the theoretical part of your class you can expect to study:

Anatomy General pathology Special pathology Physiology 1st help and bandage technologies Applied physics and biomechanics Psychology / pedagogy / sociology Prevention and rehabilitation Movement education Hygiene Physical-therapeutic diagnostic techniques Classical massage therapy Reflex zone therapy Unique types of massage therapy Exercising treatment inside the framework of massage as well as other physical-therapeutic methods Electrical, light and radiation therapy Hydro-, balneo-, thermo- and inhalation therapy Expert, legal and political studies, language and literature.

The sensible part of your education involves:

Classical massage therapy Reflex zone therapy Particular forms of massage therapy Workout therapy as aspect of massage as well as other physical-therapeutic procedures Electro-, light- and radiation therapy Hydro-, balneo-, thermo- and inhalation therapy.


We look forward for your application using the following application documents:

Letter of application Total, tabular curriculum vitae (signed and with e-mail address) A passport photo (+ a digital passport photo) certified copies of certificates Proof of adequate understanding of German (at the very least level B2)

You’re able to learn a great deal more distinct entry specifications inside the interview.

Please enclose a stamped envelope together with your application in case you are applying by post. It is possible to also apply straight on line working with our application kind.

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